Sonic CD - True Ending (Good Ending + Extra)

I love this song. It kept me going when I was a kid.

If you do very well in time attack mode, in both the regular stages and the special stages, along with having completed the game with all the time stones, with everything unlocked, you can view the true ending of Sonic CD. To do this, go to Visual Mode, and view the Good Ending again. At the end, when it says "Presented by SEGA" just press the Start button once, or else you might speed through the True Ending which lies beyond the Good Ending.

In the True Ending, it says "Thank you for your playing", followed by the current saved initials in the time attack menu, followed by "You are greatest player!!" And along with that, it will play a small skit of the relationships between Sonic, Amy, and Metallix, as well as a good helping of the animals you saved. The first part lasts one skit "day", then the second part on the next skit day repeats itself over and over again. This whole cutscene will continue playing until you hit Start.
  • Aka Express

    if you kill the gens and collect time stones you get extra in the good ending!

  • Margarita Mejia

    thanks for playing for us

  • James Offutt

    I thought this was the HD version! not a gens ROM!

  • The crazy show11

    I thought the death egg was destroyed in sonic 2

  • Yoshi27

    even Sega knows that you are the greatest player, Blaze The Cat

  • greenknight9000


  • KGL BombyPig

    "thank you for your playing" You are greatest player" At least they improved on the translating later on...

  • Patrick Francher

    doe's it still say "you are greatest player" on the japanese version of the 1995 pc version?

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