Firestarter (Original Theatrical Trailer) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Original theatrical trailer for FIRESTARTER
  • Sonia Khatri

    Stranger Things is a huge rendition of this movie.

  • King Super Godzilla

    that character is base on this movie +Starlord1954 DX

  • josh71111

    Amazing book. A must read.

  • Aline Voltes


  • Jay Rule

    Can't believe I've never seen this and it's a Stephen King classic.

  • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ

    She's just a superhero! Give her a fireproof spandex suit and train her to fight.

  • Billy Garcia

    Just finished Netflix's Stranger Things, which definitely draws quite a bit from this source material, as well as Spielberg & John Carpenter.

  • Justin Felton

    I love this movie. The scenes are so amazing. And I will buy it on DVD with the widescreen edition.:-)

  • Mercedes Fariña Salguero

    I can see I'm not the only one who came here because of stranger things 😂😂

  • Tommy Orr Jr

    Its not a stephen king movie..its a stephen king book that was made into a movie! the book is very different

  • Michael D. Williams III

    One of my favorites from my childhood and one of my favorite Drew Barrymore films.

  • rcfrogman

    I remember watching this movie on tv when I was like 11 what a hot woman Drew had turned into.

  • Pastel Pigicorn

    This was god awful compared to the book

  • Aymen Bencheikh

    the book is awesome, i don t know about the movie

  • Kiann Eslit

    I think carries child is her

  • Gabriel Paiva

    I can see where they got the inspiration for "Experiment 56" and "Stranger things"

  • Mad Hadder

    what if they added Drew Barrymore for season 2 Stranger Things just to spark things up.

  • wjb722

    in reply to Catalina2808 - there was a Firestarter 2 made for tv, with a different actress playing Charlie

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    she needs to be schooled in Xavier institute of higher learning

  • glen2003

    guys i'm trying to search for that old movie too where there was this little kid and her family dealing with this small goblin looking with a knife i think and in the end they killed it through the fan what was that movie again?

  • My fuggin WHAA???

    :31 That's so funny how the narrator says that

  • JF Hern

    Charlie is Carrie White's long lost sister...maybe

  • Cricky75

    And it could be a romantic comedy!

  • Aaron Foltz

    Great score from Tangerine Dream

  • Katlyn C-M

    The trailer sucks but the movie was great. :D

  • Rowan W

    well that was the whole movie

  • ThePaparazziPH

    This is the problem with secret service agents and most governments. They think they own everybody and control them irregardless of the individuals rights. They will lie and cheat just to get you to do what they want even how immoral and inhuman their actions are. Servers them right that the get burned .... so they all go to HELL!

  • rayblack2004

    wheres charles xavier when you need him?

  • Brandy Isaacs

    i used ti love this movie when i was young

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