Sheena - Opening смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Opening scene from the movie "Sheena - Queen of the Jungle" from 1984 starring Tanya Roberts.
  • aaarodell

    I always found it so fascinating that they painted a horse white then black stripes or black then white stripes just for this movie, so cool

  • Joseph Jucutan


  • Johan Lebbing

    Nice relaxing music, and Tanya.

  • Carolina Zampar

    I watched twice as a child in the movie theater and I've been watching ever since. One of my favorite movies ever, it was always on TV, then I got the DVD. It's so beautiful the scenes, the nature, the animals, very well done in my opinion. And Tanya Roberts is the perfect Sheena, she is really a dream❤️

  • Andrew Nabende

    sheena was a it back then. i really loved sheena................haaaaaaaa

  • Eleanor Shyside

    that is a painted horse not a zebra

  • lee potter

    I remember watching this film wen I was 8and loved it and i as the film for the first time in 20 years and still love it

  • Joobie Joob

    I remember watching this all the time while growing up. My mom used to get so annoyed cause I would seriously watch it everyday.

  • Valentin Delchev

    Tanya Roberts was hot back in 1984 :)

  • tom11zz884

    White queen of Africa...lolThe Female version of White Tarzan.

  • Chrys.K.M Chris

    I'm howling because she looks like my wee Sister 😂😂😂

  • Bishara Burah

    That's the best movie

  • Surfonic

    Jokes, queen of the jungle had to be blonde? LOLL

  • Jal Karden31

    i have this movie dvd im gonna watched it after work tonight.

  • nozstalgia

    here is how the film should have begun. bionic woman to the rescue n unfgtble Richard Hartley the start with kid fast fotward

  • mario bottieri

    wow memories live forever dreams fade but music last forever

  • Leesa oby

    Beautiful music and theme,reminds me of my childhood memories

  • Napster Z.

    can someone tell me where can I watch this movie?

  • Mast Life

    Am crying to this song fucm that

  • nozstalgia

    dam seems like this clsc film just came out 9. 2015 lv this scene n music but ted awful n bad ending sheena should come to usa

  • CubanPete1990

    Man they should make a sequel out of this movie!

  • Geoffrey Masai

    Can anyone get me this movie please

  • Marcos Ferreira

    Como seria bom se a rede Globo voltasse a passar este lindo filme na cessação dá tarde esse filme foi uns dos melhores em toda minha vida E muito lindo e impressionante eu gostei muito desse filme china a rainha da selva

  • Mary Ann Yost

    I just love this movie. Ifound out that zebra Sheena was riding was a horse painted black and white as zebras are not able to be domesticated.

  • Toma Dorel Stoica

    Foarte frumoasa melodia de la început imi retrăiesc viața ascultândo !!! Cine o cânta oare!?

  • marnieandme84

    Tanya roberts😍 movie 😂🤣

  • Michael Hunter

    Tanya Roberts is now doing live chats with her fans... Check it out.

  • ksi hitman99

    one of my most favorite movies of all time

  • John Lugo

    They got the Perfect girl for that Part <3

  • Tobi Oduntan

    What a horrible looking zebra. It can't be more obvious that it is a horse.

  • Jason

    I loved this movie... Childhood favorite...LOVE THE SCORE

  • David Edwards

    I have to agree. This movie came back on my radar recently and brought back memories. I was an 80s kid, around 8-10 years old, and needless to say that girl, the theme song and her running captivated my imagination! .. it was an awesome combination for any young boy at the time lol .. Im sure these days, the idea of a blonde white girl been an African goddess like character wouldnt go down very well! . but, that's the times we're in i guess. I miss those days! :) I really wish they would do a remake of this, and use the song! lol

  • Desina

    All time Best Melodie! First love, memories, flame....everything in my mind!Childhood.

  • Mast Life

    Imagine if she was still alive.. well am sure a lot of men would like to crush her. People die that's how life is.

  • John Lugo

    I'l always love that girl in this life and the next <3 xxxxxxx

  • Andrew Nabende

    sheena was a it back then. i really loved sheena................haaaaaaaa

  • jumangi 23

    and this woke a young man up

  • Sam LSD

    Brain washing for Africans to worship white skin and blond hair. called her "Sheena the jungle queen"Fucking white people leave Africa already, you extorted and milked the fuck out of that continent every diamond and gold.

  • Roman Enin

    лошадь под зебру раскрашена

  • Sam LSD

    Sheena should've been Nubian black queen. like Alek Wek or Nikki Perkins and has a dark skin lover. Holliwood even want to dominate African minds and make the people slaves of their own beauty standards. fucking disgusting.

  • Manchede Pelle

    Should have played Sheena is a punk rocker by The Ramones as the OST !!!

  • james4592225

    Im sorry but am I the only one turned on by her bouncing up and down?

  • tim owen

    what name of the opening song?

  • Afif Abdullah

    was named after this movie..

  • Phoenix Rises

    Ahhh the good old days of cinema when movies where iconic. Miss the 80s!

  • Sofiax81

    When I was a kid wanted to be like her and called out the animals like she did. Man miss those days

  • Clay Exton

    Greatest music> opening scene ever

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